Invariably, those who navigate career transitions could be identified as having taken one or a combination of four specific paths

Specific services offered:

  • Holistic Self-Assessment

  • Career Transition Strategies

  • Advancing Your Network

  • Portfolio & Resume Review

• Professional Development Strategies

• Niche Discovery

• Start-up Entrepreneurial Training

• Business Planning & Review


Peter helped me understand and shape what my own niche is in the global market of music education. He provided insight and specialized knowledge in exploring ways for expanding and getting the most potential from my own resources. As a result of following his advice, I began to see successful outcomes within a few weeks of our meeting!

Carlos Arana / Music Educator and Writer, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Every time we speak, Peter Spellman loads me up with lots of new ways to promote my business. He listens carefully, assesses my needs and gives me precise suggestions. Peter has an extraordinarily wide-ranging knowledge of resources for entrepreneurs as well as innovative ideas on marketing – including networking, branding, publicity and identifying and/or creating revenue streams. …I’ve spoken with lots of experienced professionals and business consultants – Peter always gives me ideas no one else has.

Michael Shorr / Creative Director, Chocolate Strawberry Studios, New Mexico

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Peter. We have been focusing on expanding my business and my earning potential through licensing and publishing and I find his understanding of the business to be vast and inspiring. Each time we get together, I find that I am motivated in a new way and that my self-confidence is strengthened. So often I feel deflated after business meetings. With Peter, the opposite is true.

Bar Scott / Composer, Producer, New York