Connecting the Seemingly Unconnected

Last week I re-visited a video featuring a gentleman named Ben Cameron. Cameron is a figure more familiar to the non-profit arts world than the commercial realm, but he has an uncanny way of turning our attention towards interesting angles on ordinary things. After a rousing introduction, Cameron launched into a call to the arts […]

How to Position Yourself as the “Candidate in Waiting”

If you are looking to be promoted in your organization, you have a golden opportunity. Ironically, it’s one few people take. It’s called ‘being proactive’.  Rather than simply fulfilling your current responsibilities, you are tuning your antennas to detect subtle changes in the organization which may provide possibilities for the near future. Taking action on […]

Use this Equation for a Successful Job Search

If you are on the job search, you’ve probably encountered this phrase: hidden job market.Oooo…sounds pretty mysterious, huh? Sort of like an impenetrable curtain only the select few can get behind. Are you feeling left out of this secret land?First, let’s demystify the hidden job market; then look at some practical strategies for conquering it. The hidden […]

A Simple Way to Stand Out Professionally

To succeed in any professional endeavor, you must make your unique value memorable. No one should need to ask you what you bring to your position that’s different or special. Your work, behavior, and demeanor should make this crystal clear to everyone around you.  Even something as minor as your job title tagline can communicate your distinction. When […]

The Color and Power of Focus

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the name Crayola. It is the most popular and recognized crayon brand in the world. Every year, Binney & Smith, the company that makes Crayola products, manufactures nearly 3 billion crayons, at a rate of 12 million a day. That’s enough crayons to circle the globe six times! The […]

Nature as Career Educator

“Nature is my manifestation of God. I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day’s work. I follow in building the principles which nature has used in its domain.” –Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect & Designer

Re-careering: Finding Your Career Sweet Spot

Is there a career sweet spot? I’ve thought a lot about my career decisions, and a few months ago while in a “what should I do with my life” moment, I was given a useful exercise that allowed me to assess my priorities, or at least get ready to make my next move (including taking on […]

Ask These 4 Questions When Planning Your Next Career Adventure

The real question is, will your epitaph be ‘I wish I had spent more time in the office?’,or is there something bigger out there calling you? – The Hero’s Journey, Dilts and Gilligan The decision of whether or not we want to continue working in some form after our ‘official’ retirement age, is a very personal one. […]