our mission


“I want to light a fire in students so they discover their own potential to transform the world”  -Peter Spellman

These are some of the experiences I bring to Next Calling coaching


Starting four businesses supplied me with the transformative knowledge to share with new business start-ups.

Working for a large organization confirmed the limits of corporate culture and sharpened my own sense of purpose.

Building and managing a college career center provided a surplus of career-building tools and strategies for advancing and managing successful careers.

Serving as a faculty member at four different schools challenged me to make everything I teach result in transformed students.

Being a musician for most of my life instilled a deep appreciation for the emotional connection between the artist (product, service) and fan (customer, client).

Operating a business coaching service revealed the amazing variety of possible careers and businesses clients can pursue.

All of these strands combine today to help YOU uncover and design your own next calling. Let’s connect!

Peter Spellman
CEO / Founder