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It’s never too late to move

into a more fulfilling career path!

Discover the secret behind late-career shifts for those who follow their next calling and succeed.

We offer fun, self-paced courses that can help you escape the mundane, full-time grind and realize personal and professional fulfillment over the next decades – without ever having to go back and earn an MBA.

Perhaps you have extra time on your hands and an emptying nest. Your kids aren’t around as much, you’re catching up on reading, or spending evenings in front of the TV. You might be calling long-lost friends or distant family members who you haven’t talked to in years. And you’re letting some of that 35+ years’ contribution to your 401k and Social Security begin to deliver a return for you.

Still, you feel that itch – an itch to try something new and exciting, to broaden your horizons, to make a real difference. It’s something that perhaps you’ve daydreamed about many times over, but you’ve never taken steps toward those aspirations.

So, it keeps nagging, that desire to find something that brings out the best in you because it’s what you’re most skilled at – and it’s what you love doing. It’s what you were born to do.

Well, now’s your time!



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Peter Spellman – course designer, author and entrepreneur –brings more than 25 years of career development advising and adult teaching experience to his courses. He’s helped thousands of professionals uncover their unique niche offering, working as an artist manager, career educator, business consultant, and college administrator.

Now he’s bundled his wealth of knowledge built through decades of counsel to create this one-of-a-kind course that can be completed in the comfort of your own home. Embark on a remarkably unique course series specifically designed for “un-retired” careerists, just like you, who want to find their next calling but never knew where to begin.

Create the new career you always wanted or discover the perfect path you never even knew existed!

 Read what just a few of his clients have said

“Peter helped me understand and shape what my own niche is in the global market of music education. He provided insight and specialized knowledge in exploring ways for expanding and getting the most potential from my own resources. As a result of following his advice, I began to see successful outcomes within a few weeks of our meeting!”

– Carlos Arana, Music Educator and Writer, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Peter. We have been focusing on expanding my business and my earning potential through licensing and publishing and I find his understanding of the business to be vast and inspiring. Each time we get together, I find that I am motivated in a new way and that my self-confidence is strengthened. So often I feel deflated after business meetings. With Peter, the opposite is true.”

– Bar Scott, Composer/Producer, New York

“Every time we speak, Peter Spellman loads me up with lots of new ways to promote my business. He listens carefully, assesses my needs and gives me precise suggestions. Peter has an extraordinarily wide-ranging knowledge of resources for entrepreneurs as well as innovative ideas on marketing – including networking, branding, publicity and identifying and/or creating revenue streams. …I’ve spoken with lots of experienced professionals and business consultants – Peter always gives me ideas no one else has.”

– Michael Shorr, Creative Director, Chocolate Strawberry Studios, New Mexico


 What Next?




Imagining your Next Calling

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Sketching Out Your Next Calling

Coming Nov. 1


Making Your Next Calling Known to the World

Coming Dec. 1


Taking Your Next Calling to the Next Level!

Coming Feb. 1

The goal of this course series is to help you think more expansively about yourself, using your imagination and your inner knowledge to figure out what your next steps should be in accessing the next stage of your career.

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I endeavor to light a fire in students through stimulating online courses and empowering coaching. My own career has been a tapestry of dynamic strands –

·     Starting four businesses readied me with transformative knowledge to share with aspiring business start-ups.      

·     Building and managing a career services department in a mid-sized college provided a surplus of career-building tools and strategies for career development.

·     Serving as a faculty member at four different universities challenged me to make everything I teach result in transformed students.

·     Being a musician for most of my life instilled a deep appreciation for the emotional connection between artist (product, service) and fan (customer, client, etc.).

·     Operating a business coaching service showed me the amazing variety of possible careers and businesses I can point clients to for inspiration and example.

·     Working for a large organization showed me the limits of corporate culture and sharpened my own sense of purpose.

All of these strands now combine to help you uncover and design your own next calling.



5% of all profits go to the amazing Pencils of Promise, a non-profit organization that builds schools and increases educational opportunities in the developing world.

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